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  • GeneFishing™ Kit Launch

    GeneFishing™ Kit LaunchA kit to discover differentially expressed genes in two or more samples. * Introduction DEG stands for Differentially Expressed Gene and refers to all genes that are expressed differentially at the mRNA level in two or more samples. GeneFishingTM Technology is a new and unique approach that is capable of identifying only authentic Differentially Expressed Genes (DEGs) in two or more nucleic acid samples. This technology dramatically improves the specificity of PCR amplification, enabling researchers to find authentic PCR products. GeneFishingTM is the first application of Seegene's proprietary technology which is based on innovative primer design (Annealing Control Primer, ACPTM, patent pending). * Advantages & Features 1. Maximum specificity - No false positives!! 2. Guaranteed reproducibility 3. Simplicity - No specific skills required 4. Extensive range of PCR products 5. A fast and economical method 6. No PAGE & radioactivity/fluorescent tags (agarose detection)

    Feb 01, 2002