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    Respiratory Virus Detection Kit Detects 12 kinds of respiratory virus at once, with precision Seegene Co., Ltd., announces detection kit for detecting 11 kinds of RNA viruses and a single type of DNA virus that cause disease to human respiratory organs, using the multiplex PCR method, taking advantage of unique DSO™ technology. Newly developed kit to detect 12 kinds of respiratory viruses: 1. It can detect 12 kinds of viruses, including the Adenovirus, Metapneumovirus, Coronavirus, Rhinovirus, etc., that cannot be confirmed through existing respiratory virus detection methods. The performance of this kit surpasses in sensitivity and accuracy of drawing other existing diagnosis detection kits. 2.In the case of using a respiratory organ sample from a patient, the probability of detecting a virus is more than 90%, superior to existing methods. (Virus detection probability of existing methods: Average 75% - (PNAS Vol. 102,12891 September 6, 2005). 3. Can analyze viruses in very small amounts, using the PCR method -- > It’s possible to accurately detect such viruses with a minimum amount: The PCR method can analyze minimal amounts of virus because the susceptibility is higher than in the existing virus method of cultivation or immunityfluorescence assay(IFA). 4. Can detect 12 kind of viruses at the same time with the Multiplex PCR method -- > multiple detection possible in viruses of 12 kinds (11 RNA viruses+1 DNA virus) with multiplex PCR that can analyze and at the same time provide multiplex diagnosis 5.Uses DSO™ technology, Seegene's unique new technology ? Respiratory Virus Detection Kit guide (pdf) (531KB) Accurate result offer: Our product applies DSO™ primer technology and provides a correct result without the mistakes or false positive problems of the existing PCR method.

    Dec 01, 2005 Seeplex® RV12 ACE Detection