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  • Obtained CE-IVD marking for Allplex™ Meningitis Panel Assays

    Seegene has received CE-IVD mark under European Union on In Vitro Diagnostics Medical Devices for Allplex™ Meningitis Panel-V1, Allplex™ Meningitis-V2 Assay, Allplex™ Meningitis-B Assay. These assays are the multiplex one-step Real-time RT-PCR assay that detect and identifie 18 meningitis causative pathogens including 12 viruses and 6 bacteria. Based on Seegene’s proprietary MuDT™ technology, it allows reporting of each Ct value for multiple pathogens in a single channel without the melt curve analysis.

    May 09, 2018 Allplex™ Meningitis Panel Assays

  • Obtained CE-IVD marking for Seeplex® Meningitis ACE Detection

    Seeplex® Meningitis ACE Detection Detection of viruses and bacteria causing human meningitis   Seegene's Seeplex® Meningitis ACE Detection has been notified at Germany CA (Competent Authorities). The CE mark will allow more opportunities for Seegene to market and sell within the European Union.  

    Jun 10, 2009 Seeplex® Meningitis ACE Detection