Seegene Mexico

Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine’s Fall Symposium on Laboratory Medicine in Artificial Intelligence

Apr 11, 2019

In April at Hotel Inter Burgo Daegu, the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine, Korea’s largest laboratory medicine society, held its spring symposium under the slogan, ‘Laboratory Medicine in Artificial Intelligence’.

Seegene had established its original automated assay development system, called the “Seegene Digitalized Development System (“SG-DDS”)”, that allows the users can design their own oligo design for multiplex real-time PCR diagnostic products within 3 days.
This software automates real-time PCR assay development utilizing big data of causative agents for diseases, Seegene’s novel algorithms, and in silico oligonucleotide design with virtual experiments by incorporating Seegene’s proprietary know-how and patented technologies accumulated in MDx assay development. More than 20 products were launched in the past year through this system, it includes the AllplexTM PneumoBacter Assay which was presented as the last puzzle piece of the four panels of the AllplexTM Respiratory Panel.
This product has long been recognized as a popular item in large test centers in Europe. As the demand for real-time PCR type of full coverage test for respiratory diseases has been increasing in Korea, Seegene has completed its certification for domestic sales in March and introduced to the Korean market for the first time. This allows full-panel testing of a total of 25 different types of viruses, 6 strains of bacteria and the subtype of the 3 Flu A, including the H1N1 virus, to be tested in Korea simultaneously with the Real-time PCR method.
An employee at Seegene expressed his happiness about Seegene’s growth by mentioning “Not only new clients but also our customers who were using existing PCR products have been sending inquiries to adopt this new product. Many other participants also asked if we could launch more of products only sold abroad in Korea. I could feel the world`s competitive edge with global products throughout the show.”

On this day, Seegene used a new booth exclusively made for exhibition and hosted the “Smart Pop Event” for the newly released products to liven up the atmosphere at the symposium.